About the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Who We Are

​The Brooklyn Navy Yard (the Yard) is a mission-driven industrial park that is a nationally acclaimed model of the viability and positive impact of modern, urban industrial development. The Yard serves as the real estate developer, property manager, and business support services provider for 450+ businesses that employ 11,000+ workers operating on behalf of its owner, the City of New York. 


We believe that the industrial sector can and will flourish in New York. We support this vision by providing stable, affordable spaces to small businesses and artists alike; and by assisting our businesses with workforce development initiatives and professional experiences to enhance their businesses from exhibition opportunities to small business education.


Learn About Our Exhibitions & Programs

Building 92 houses the Yard's permanent exhibition, "Brooklyn Navy Yard: Past, Present & Future, which tells the story of the Yard from 1801, when it was founded as one of the nation's first federal shipyards, through to the site's use today as an active industrial and innovation hub that is home to nearly 500 businesses. Visitors get an extensive history in that unfolds across three floors in the historic former Marine Commandant's residence. 

Complementing the permanent exhibition is a rotating contemporary gallery known as the "Yard Work Gallery." This gallery is also located in Building 92 and features the exhibition, "The Long Look," on view through January 2021. This exhibition

brings together two artists with a combined 45 years of painting and photographing the Yard: Elizabeth Yamin and John Bartelstone. Their work reveals traces of manufacturing, production, cranes, machinery, and together creates an "industrial symphony," a soundtrack to the urban environment, in perpetual flux. 


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