Artist Bios

Andy Tyson

Andy Tyson is the founder of Skilset, an art studio that works with recycled materials. Learn more at

Carleen Sheehan

In her on-going photography projects and installations, Carleen Sheehan documents the natural environment from an intimate perspective, celebrating small fragments of natural ephemera: the movement and density of water, shifts in light, color and atmosphere. Sheehan often works in specific areas over time, allowing a sense of place to unfold within shifting contexts and conditions. Learn more at

Catherine R. Joseph

Catherine R. Joseph is a Brooklyn-based architect and film photographer. She uses photography as a way to refine her vision of the world around her, with 35mm film as her medium. Learn more at

Chris Cloutier

Chris Cloutier is a fine artists and illustrator who also owns the business Poster Fix, which restores old prints and posters. Cloutier’s work alternates between collage making and oil painting and often incorporates the most abstract of designs within the context of a less-abstract stage. Learn more at

Colin H. Thomson

Colin H. Thomson’s paintings develop through drawings and watercolors. His painting process is episodic in nature with each layer painted in relation to the previous one, using multiple additions and subtractions and occasionally alludes to architecture and the body—especially eyes, hands, and feet. Color is used as a unifier particularly at the linear intersections where it deepens and channels the space. Implicit throughout is the rhythm of slapstick humor where push most often comes to shove. Learn more at

David Zheng

David Zheng’s work is about the harmony and wonder of the world. When taking photos, Zheng is not concerned with the “main event” or grand gestures, but rather the magic in even the thinnest slice of life. Stemming from a place of curiosity leading to discovery, the act of photographing provides space for introspection and a sensitivity to the ephemera. Learn more at

Giacomo Belletti

Giacomo Belletti is a film maker and painter. In both practices he is driven to find balance between the planned and the unexpected. While the former allows him to meet people and discover characters, the latter can be an exploration of spaces both physical (the surface and the image depicted) and emotional. Learn more at

Greg Chann

Greg Chann takes inspiration from the ancient Chinese Yin and Yang symbol whereby contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent. Learn more at

Gregoire Ganter

Gregoire Ganter’s Cityscapes are unique compositions that play with light, reflections and the urban landscape. The Cityscapes offer candid and alternate views to some of the city's most famous scenery. The way Gregoire depicts them puts forward the city's vibrant spirit. Learn more at

Hyesu Lee

Hyesu Lee’s art is driven by a curiosity around how people connect. Growing up a shy child, Lee never knew how best to communicate with those around her. Drawing people—observing them, and learning about them—was a point of connection beyond communication. Art, after all, has no language barrier. Learn more at

Jackie Meier

Jackie Meier paints shapes that represent her thoughts and the colors of her emotions. She weaves and organizes, shuffles and reshuffles, creating precise and intersections and connections. Her paintings depict a way of perceiving and interpreting the world. She pushes the boundaries of geometric abstraction incorporating organic brush marks and soft edges to show a place where her mind and heart can live through the making of a painting with her hands. Learn more at

Karen Schifano

For Karen Schifano, space is a metaphor for the place where things happen. The swooping shapes in her paintings can be read as curtains - shapes that reveal and conceal. With these shapes present, the areas below and behind them become activated, ready for the appearance of another shape (or several). Schifano’s paintings are abstract and yet refer to things we know: symbols, signs, contours that might be recognizable. She works intuitively, drawing and painting directly onto the canvas. Learn more at

Kickie chudikova

Kickie Chudikova designs products, objects, furniture, and lighting with the aim to elevate peoples' experiences and bring a spark of joy into their lives. Balancing her expertise in industrial design and craft, she is captivated by the timeless beauty of raw materials and the empowering of cutting-edge technology.  Her designs are bold, striking an emotion, yet are aesthetically pleasing, searching for something unique and unseen. Color is her passion. Learn more at

Lindsay Walt

Lindsay Walt’s watercolors combine radiant color and pattern as a way of exploring the juncture between matter and the ethereal. The transparent color and quicksilver absorbency of watercolor captures gesture in time. Often, forms converge at a point - a small action made large, suggesting a momentary pause. Learn more at

Mariano Del Rosario

Mariano Del Rosario views his work as a conversation with painting framed around existential themes. It is often centered on institutional critique that questions systems of values in our culture. An amalgam of Eastern philosophy and quantum mechanics (as in warped geometry), the uncertainty principle and other mundane or topical concerns are influences on the work. As a Filipino-American artist whose heritage is saddled with centuries of colonial history, Del Rosario’s hyphenated identity is a complex compound of challenges—similar to hydroponics in agriculture where plants and migrants exist in a suspended life support system, neither here nor there, but adaptable in sustained environments. Learn more at Learn more at

Melanie Martinho

Melanie Martinho is a mixed media artist who examines the ways the natural and human-made worlds communicate with each other and create our environment. Martinho’s recent series of paintings explores the concept of adornment as a means of survival. Learn more at

Michelle Greene

Metal can be a rigid medium, but Michelle Greene likes to make it move. She plays with both visual motion and actual motion in creating sculpture, which ultimately plays with the viewers’ imagination. Working in mixed materials between fine art and design as well as with public installations, Greene aims to entice the viewer to engage, feel, and look more closely. In addition to being an artist, she is a professor and a certified MWBE small business. Learn more at

MIlle Benson

Millie Benson is a painter and photographer living in Brooklyn, NY. She maintains a space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard which she uses as a painting studio and a venue to host workshops to discuss and explore the creative process with other artists, makers and musicians from all walks of life. Learn more at

Monique luchetti

Using her artwork to communicate and address the importance of environmental and animal conservation, Luchetti views her drawings as memorials. They are symbolic of a consciousness or energy found in all living things, large and small, that extends beyond the physical body. Learn more at

Nancy Bowen

In her work, be it sculpture or drawing, Nancy Bowen makes objects and images that touch on aspects of feminism, craft and ornament, spirituality, and the history of American material culture. Recently she added mortality into that mix. She wants to give the viewer something beautiful to look at that leaves them with something to think about. Learn more at

Naomi Katz plotkin

Naomi Katz Plotkin enjoys painting from life: capturing a moment, place, or person. She aims to capture the essence of a moment and draws from inspirations in Asian art, capturing portraiture of diverse people, and creating a moment to document and express her interpretations of her surroundings. Learn more at

Nick golebiewski

Nick Golebiewski celebrates city life by featuring the vibrant communities of NYC in his artwork to reveal the architectural history, frenetic streets, independent shops and cultural institutions that make New York quintessentially unique. His watercolor streetscape paintings focus on vibrant, and iconic neighborhoods, such as Manhattan’s Chinatown and Coney Island. Golebiewski's paintings and drawing-a-day project (now in its ninth year and posted to Instagram daily @nickgolebiewski) are historical documents that ask, “What was the city, what was life like, at this moment in time?” Learn more at

Noel Copeland

Noël Copeland is inspired by the figure, nature, and colors. He uses semi abstract images to explore social themes and fantasy compositions. He also likes to incorporate patterns and designs from various cultures into his work. Learn more at

Nina summer

Nina Summer is a Swiss artist and illustrator who creates works inhabited by quicky characters, bold colors, graphic lines. Inspired by the fleeting and often unexpected moments of human connection we experience daily, she reflects on the details of life that unite us through a wink, a laugh or a smile. Learn more at

Paul Campbell

Creating work in his studio at the Navy Yard for over 12 years, Paul Campbell explores unusual methods of creating paintings. His work focuses on finding beauty in common places, inviting the viewer to do so as well. Learn more at

Tatiana Arocha

Tatiana Arocha’s work is rooted in her layered relationship to the bio-political and vulnerable landscapes of Colombia, particularly its rainforests. She creates immersive visual environments, evoking the wonder she experiences when surrounded by nature. She engages directly with the land, through photography and collecting samples. This intimate process of discovery stands in contrast to early naturalists, whose cataloging of nature left it susceptible to colonization. Using analog and digital techniques, she reimagines her collected flora and fauna, creating hidden, complex ecosystems. The resulting works reveal surprises, encouraging close inspection and a new dialog about the individual’s relationship to the land. Learn more at

Tiffany Baker

Tiffany Baker is a portraitist who, as a singular focal point, paints imagined, alive and passed away Black people. Loss and connection are familiar themes in her art as she is deeply intrigued by the personal events of life. She depicts her figures with a regal intensity in their gaze, as if they're sitting across from the onlooker holding an unspoken conversation. Her art bridges a relationship between the viewer and the subject to create a shared space of intimacy and trust. She desires to express emotionally powerful artwork in which people witness a complex reflection of themselves. Learn more at

Tracy Wuischpard

Although she is known for her filmmaking, music and installation work, Tracy Wuischpard still loves to paint. The process of moving color around on a surface gives her tremendous pleasure. Learn more at

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