To make a purchase, please contact each artist directly:

Prices listed on this website may not include additional shipping or handling, so please inquire about delivery methods and costs directly with each artist. Once a purchase is complete, each artist will make a charitable donation deducted from the proceeds of each sale. Charities and prices for work are identified in the "work" section.

Nina Edwards Anker

Robert Clark


Hannah Antalek


Chris Cloutier


Tatiana Arocha


Noël Copeland

Nadia Belalia

Roman Erlikh

Millie Benson

Mamoun Friedrich-Grosvenor

Nick Golebiewski


Paul Campbell

JC Cancedda

Michelle Greene

Evan Hughes Studio


Christina Jorro


Amanda Pelham


Karen Schifano


Catherine R. Joseph

Connor Lambrecht


Carleen Sheehan





Monique Luchetti


Pamela Talese


Colin Thomson

Jackie Meier


Lindsay Walt


Having difficulty reaching an artist? 

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is not involved in purchases or shipment of work; however, if you are having difficulty reaching or contacting an artist, please email In your email please be specific about which artist you are trying to reach.

Elizabeth Yamin

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